Thank you for your interest in teaching positions at Blue Door Language School. There are nine sections to our job application form:

1. Personal Details

2. Education & Qualifications

3. Languages

4. Employment Experience

5. Experience Preparing Exams

6. Statement in Support of Application

7. References

8. Employment Checks

9. Authorization

Application Form for Teaching Position at Blue Door Language School

Part 1: Personal Details

Part 2: Education & Qualifications (most recent qualification first)

Part 3: Languages (including English)

Part 4: Employment Experience (most recent employment first)

Part 5: Experience Preparing Exams

Do you have experience teaching students preparing for the following exams?

Part 6: Statement in Support of Application

(a cover letter is not required)

Part 7: References

Give the names, status and contact details of two refereees (preferably including your current or most recent employer). References will be sought for candidates short-listed after interviews, and previous employers may be contacted to verify particular experience or contacts. 

Reference 1

Reference 2

Part 8: Employment Checks

As this post involves working directly with children and young people, you are required to declare whether you have any criminal convictions (or cautions or bind-overs) including those which are ‘spent’. It is a criminal offence to apply for or accept a position working with children if you are excluded from such work by virtue of a court order exclusion by the British Department for Education and Skills (DfES) or the British Department of Health (DoH) or their equivalents in other countries. 

If you have chosen ‘no‘ for the above question, please indicate any health issues that we should know about (e.g. epilepsy) 

Part 9: Authorization

I understand that if I am appointed, personal information about me will be computerised for personnel / employee administrative purposes in accordance with Spanish data protection legislation. This may include analysis for management purposes and statutory returns.

In completing and submitting this form, I give my authority for use of my personal data for these purposes. 

I hereby authorise Academia Blue Door S.L. to include the details given by me in this job application form in a database called Curriculums which is in the sole possession of Academia Blue Door. I understand that I have the right to see, cancel, or amend the said details, and that to do so I must inform Academia Blue Door S.L. in writing at the following address: 

I hereby confirm that all the information I have given in this form is true.

I understand that, should any of the particulars I provide in this application be found to be false within my knowledge, or should there be any wilful omission of material fact, this may be reported to the relevant authorities, as well as lead to my application being rejected or the contract being null and void if I have already been appointed.