Exercises can or (be) able to

We use CAN to say that something is possibte or altowed, or that somebody has the abitity to do something.

We use CAN + infinitive (CAN DO / CAN SEE etc.).

The negative is CAN'T (= CANNOT).

You can say that somebody IS ABLE TO do something, but CAN is more usual.

CAN has onty two forms: CAN (present) and COULD (past). So sometimes it is necessary to use (BE) ABLE TO.

  • We can see the lake from our hotel.
  • "I don't hace a pen." "You can use mine."
  • Can you speak any foreign languages?
  • I can come and see you tomorrow if you like.
  • The word "dream" can be a noun or a verb.
  • I'm afraid I CAN'T COME to the party on Friday.
  • We are able to see the lake form our hotel.
Complete the sentences using CAN or (BE) ABLE TO. Use CAN if possible, otherwise use (BE) ABLE TO
Nicole _________ drive, but she doesn´t have a car.
I used to _________ stand on my head, but I can´t do it anymore.
I can't understand Mark. l've never ____________ understand him.
I can't see you on Friday, but I ___________ meet you on Saturday morning.
Ask Katherine about your problem. She might ___________ hep you.